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Good reasons for choosing Synkron Via

Good reasons for choosing Synkron Via

Whether a website is the electronic face of a ministry or a municipality, an up-to-date website with self-service around the clock is necessary to handle the increasing need for public service.

Intuitive interface

Implementing a new IT-system for a municipality with many institutions or in a department of the central administration, will often entail an increase in the need for educating the parts involved. With Synkron Via the need for educating users is minimal, and they can quickly start concentrating on producing good and useful content. This is possible because Synkron Via is built on a completely new type of interface, which makes it easier for an editor to produce and edit content. The system is using principles that most users will probably know from other widely distributed software and operating systems: Content is logically organized in folders with a drag-and-drop function, the system supports keyboard shortcuts, and the editor is similar to that in Microsoft's Word.

The system publishes several sites in several languages through several channels

The administration of several sites - for example campaigns, languages or editions and to several channels, can entail an immense amount of manual work in other systems. In Synkron Via content is handled in multiple dimensions. A single document in the system can for instance contain several versions and be presented in multiple channels simultaneously. Due to this, it is possible to make an original text as well as an easy-reading version in one single procedure. This enables a more efficient publishing to many sites and cross-media publishing. For instance it is possible to publish a text online and at the same time publish it for a printed publication.

Publish content automatically

The automatic processes in Synkron Via makes it possible to publish content with no concern about how and where, it should be published. Thereby it is possible for a municipality to delegate the editorial tasks to contributors from each and every administration without losing the centralized control.

Synkron Via contains a wide array of tools that enables automatic processes, when it comes to content and list publication. An investment in Synkron Via will therefore provide for a lot of measurable advantages, like improved routines and more simple processes with regard to the decentralizing of tasks and responsibility.

Standard software and development platform

Synkron Via employs a range of widespread technologies such as Microsoft .NET and open standards such as XML, XSLT and web services. This makes the task of expanding the system with new modules  or integrating it with other business systems much easier, whether it pertains to ERP, CRM, ESDH or other systems. Synkron Via is implemented in Microsoft .NET and developers have access to the CMS-framework, which contains classes and methods to expand the system – fx. By developing new modules.