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“A Content Management System should make it possible for authors to communicate without having to familiarize themselves and make decisions on technical questions. The technology must be as invisible as possible” Editor

Windows based interface

On a website with many different content elements, it is critical to minimize the amount of clicking needed, in order to make changes. At the same time, it is necessary to be able to cope with a wide array of pages and websites at the same time.

With Synkron Via, you get a Content Management System that employs the familiar Windows interface concept, that most people already knows from different software and operating systems. This concept was developed by Microsoft and Apple in order to make it possible to handle many different documents and software applications simultaneously.

When developing the Synkron Via interface, a large number of webmasters and editors employed by our clients were asked, how they liked to work the best. The result was the window-based system with drag-and-drop functionality, simple keyboard shortcuts and an integrated and easily accessible desktop, from where, all functions can be accessed.

Drag and drop –work smarter not harder :-)

With the smart drag-and-drop functionality, it is very easy to move content and elements around.  It is possible to mark several elements at a time, and as in Microsoft Windows, keyboard shortcuts have been made for virtually every function.

Daily editorial work is made efficient by making it possible to highlight several elements and change their features at the same time. This is possible in all content areas and even across hierarchical structures. The result is a minimization of routine tasks and a more efficient use of time within the system itself.