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Synkron Via CMS 3.4.4 released today!

Synkron Via CMS 3.4.4 released It contains important bugfixes and has improved administration of caching and it is now easier to maintain large websites and keeping track of errors.

New features in Synkron Via 3.4.4

See the release notes:


OBS: Please note that there is a hotfix for 3.4.3. It solves a problem with old URL mapping data not being saved automatically in the upgrade. New installations must take into account that there is a breaking change which results in the need for a manual change of URL Mapping in 3.4.3. See release notes for further details.

Download Synkron Via 3.4.4

You can download a new version of Synkron Via 3.4.4 from http://developer.synkronvia.com

If you have no account to developer.synkronvia.com please contact Søren Laursen sl@dynamicweb-outsourcing.com