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Synkron Via CMS 3.4.3

Synkron Via CMS 3.4.3 released It contains important bugfixes and has improved performance.

New features in Synkron Via 3.4.3

Database optimization

“Delete old version” feature was redeveloped in Synkron Via 3.4.3. Now it allows decreasing database size and increasing SynkronVia performance.

This functionality helps to start Synkron Via application up to 50% quicker and to edit backend content up to 20-40% faster. 

Usage items edit

Synkron Via 3.4.3 allows opening element usage list itmes for editing. This function allows quickly editing documents, pages and modules that use given element.

SQL Server 2008 native mode support

Synkron Via 3.4.3 supports Microsoft SQL Server 2008 native compatibility mode (level 100). It allows using advanced full text search features and XML features (see http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb510680.aspx for more details).

Logon module outputs attempts to login

Now user has a possibility to see how many login attempts left.

Save button in edit mode for XSLT snippet

In XSLT snippet, “Save XSLT” button was added to quickly save XSLT Snippet without closing of editor window.

Custom timeout for long operations

In Synkron Via 3.4.3 it is possible to change default Synkron Via database request timeout to perform long operations.

Read more in the Synkron 3.4.3 release notes

OBS: Please note that there is a new hotfix for 3.4.3. It solves a problem with old URL mapping data not being saved automatically in the upgrade. New installations must take into account that there is a breaking change which results in the need for a manual change of URL Mapping in 3.4.3. See release notes for further details.

Download Synkron Via 3.4.3

You can download new version of Synkron Via 3.4.3 from http://developer.dynamicweb.dk/
If you have no account to developer.synamicweb.dk site, please contact Alexey Tarasov.