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Synkron Via CMS 3.4 released today!

Synkron Via 3.4 now in the shops!

Dynamicweb Software A/S is proud to present the new Synkron Via 3.4. A feature rich release which also introduces a new interface skin as well as fixes several known issues.

 Via 3.4 screen 

Below, we have listed 10 cool highlights of Synkron Via 3.4 to quickly give you an overview. You can read more about Synkron Via's new features and modules in the technical release notes.

  1. Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 compatibility on frontend and backend
  2. New default GUI skin - a more pleasant Via experience
  3. Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and 2008 (but no longer SQL 2000)
  4. HTTPS support for pages and files with easy configuration from backend
  5. Improved Microsoft IIS7 support
  6. Data providers for CSV (comma separated values) and XML files
  7. Thumbnail generator
  8. WebDav access to tool files
  9. Improved Link Validator report
  10. All default snippets were changed to comply with XHTML 1.0 standard
Beta phase deployment completed with success

In connection with Synkron Via 3.4 we have introduced a more comprehensive beta testing phase where live customer websites have been running with the Synkron 3.4 beta version for some months prior to final release. We now feel confident the new version is rock solid. Brand names like Dechra, Fernox, ATP-Ejendomme, NRGI, Zendium as well as many of our dedicated Synkron Via partners such as Polemark Ltd, BBDO A/S, Bleau A/S, DIS A/S, Hello Group A/S, Klean A/S, Mindlab and Illumi A/S have all contributed in the beta testing phase. We wish to thank you for this support and sharing your feedback with us. beta testers
With this in mind and looking at the new release of Synkron Via we reaffirm our commitment to customers who have made an investment and put their trust in us and the Synkron Via platform.
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Latest case story

Partner: Hello Group A/S
End client: NRGI A/S


Hello Group
This Synkron Via 3.4 project included a real time price calculator, comprehensive real time integration to Elsalg's ERP/CRM system, complete frontend implementation in xslt. Existing clients and new clients of Elsalg can now login online and order new contracts, look at existing ones and change current subscriptions. Synkron Via partner Hello Group A/S delivered the solution. 

Still on Synkron.web?

We kindly remind Synkron.web clients that they still can upgrade their current Synkron.web solution to Synkron Via or Dynamicweb for free. All support on Synkron.web ends by 30.09.10.

Contact Morten Bruhn mb@dynamicweb.dk +45 60 40 30 12 from Dynamicweb Outsourcing if you need help with migrating your Synkron.web customers or contact Account manager  Jeppe Rais to learn more about the offer to convert your Synkron.web license into a Synkron Via license jer@dynamicweb.dk +45 36 98 30 54.

Download release notes and the price list today

You can now download the technical documentation and the price list for Synkron Via.
Note the following license changes:
a) New modules are now part of the basic, corporate and enterprise licenses: Login, Logoff, Navigation and Navigation Link.
b) Enterprise includes 2 additional site licenses and all licenses comes with developer framework as standard.
c) Beyond these changes new suites have been created in order to make it more attractive to buy into the complete functionality offered by Synkron Via. See price list for more details.

Download price list 
Download release notes
Download the new software (Requires access to developer site)

Best regards,
Søren Laursen
Dynamicweb Software A/S