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Web developer

Being a web developer requires the freedom to improve and enhance the features in the Content Management System employed by your company or organization.

Content and structure defined as XML

With Synkron Via it is possible for developers to create new modules, functionality and integrations in .NET. Content and structure is defined as XML and rendered through XSLT, which makes it possible to publish content to a variety of different channels. eg. web-browsers, mobile phones, PDF and many more.Developers have full control of the XSLT used for rendering and there is WebDAV access to XML-templates and XSLT, which makes it possible for developers to use their favourite XML- and XSLT-editors.


Synkron Via utilizes widely distributed technologies like Microsoft .NET and open standards such as XML, XSLT and web services. This makes it easy to expand the system with new modules or make integrations to other systems like ERP, CRM or ESDH. Synkron Via is implemented in Microsoft .NET 2.0 and developers have access to the CMS-framework which contains classes and methods for further developing in the system - eg. by developing new modules.